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Aerial Photography

We are able to capture the perfect image from all heights and perspectives.  Those hard to achieve images can be done with our UAVs.

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Aerial Videography

We are able to capture video that without the flexibility of a UAV it would otherwise require very expensive equipment.

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We are able to capture infrared / thermal images &  video from great heights, especially useful for roof, building, bridge inspections.

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We are able to capture thousands of photos to be used in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects, calculate volumes and weight.

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We enjoy what we do and our enthusiasm for this technology shows in our results.

Contact us to be your solution!  Whether it is to calculate stockpile volumes in your gravel pit, inspect your roof, or capture and create a sporting event, wedding or create a business / tourism promotional video….we are a part of your team!

iSparks Solutions

iSparks Solutions primary services include Aerial Photography, Videography, Thermal Infrared Inspections, & Photogrammetry. We have completed UAV Training, UAV Pilots Licensing, Thermography and Agisoft PhotoScan 3d Model Training, Cyber Film School and acquired Special Risk Aviation Insurance and achieved a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate from Transport Canada for Ontario.

We have completed inspections of Aggregate Resources, Bridges and Roofs including the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto.  We collect, process the data and create a preliminary report to be handed off to the perspective Engineers.

We have also created videos for special events like weddings, business promotional videos, and real estate videos.  Captured sporting events like the Xterra, Pedaling for Parkinson’s and worked with authorities to complete Search and Rescues.

We have been guest speakers at conferences educating Realtors about “The Use of Drones in Real Estate’, the difference between a recreational and commercial UAV Operator.  We have even done UAV (Drone) Demonstrations at the Parry Sound Municipal Airport!

We enjoy what we do and our enthusiasm for this technology shows in our results.  Contact us to be your solution!

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