The use of photography in surveying and mapping to measure distances between objects. Calculating stockpile volumes and weight in an aggregate resource field.

Capturing Images, Creating a 3D Model and Measuring Volumes

If it saves your company money…what are you waiting for?

Yes, it is a relatively new technology and a new way of getting things done.  The accuracy is measured and validated using ground control points. Adding these ‘real world’ measurements into the software and reference points and setting a scale for all of the measurements completed within the software.  The accuracy is within decimals.

It is Safer!  Faster! Cost Effective!

We measure it, you manage it!
Images are collected in a grid pattern overlapping with geo-referencing.

All of the images are processed and a point cloud and mesh are generated.

Dense Cloud is generated after the images are compiled. Preparing for a 3d model and measurements.
Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is created showing the elevation levels of the area.
3D Model is created to visually inspect the area with greater accuracy than a regular aerial image.
Each stockpile is selected using reference points to calculate the volume.
Contour lines assist in the accuracy of the data analysis.

Accurate, Affordable, Fast & Safe!